Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Face To Face - 29/06/2011

Face To Face
The Computers

@ The Globe, Cardiff
(Bank Holiday) Monday 29th August 2011
Doors 7:30om. £11 in.

Face To Face are pretty much Rhys and Eddie's favourite band of all time, so to say they're excited about this show is the understatement of the century! I can't wait either, Face To Face are incredible and it's nothing short of a pleasure to share the stage with our Exeter based brethren The Computers again. I know it's only Rock N' Roll, but...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Rhys, Eddie & Kai - 24/06/2011

One year ago today Eddie and Rhys decided to join Solutions on a full time basis. Happy Anniversary boys! May this anniversary be the first of many. This band would have been long buried, or in a sad state of limbo if it wasn't for you, and now here we are, three weeks away from stepping into the studio to begin production for album number two. Fuckin' A.

For anyone that didn't already know, our old bass player, Kai, joined the Goodtime Boys a couple of months ago, and i'm stoked to report that the future is looking super bright for them. They just got a full page feature in Rock Sound and are heading out on a European tour next month, playing some really great looking shows along the way, alongside the likes of Touche Amour and La Dispute.

FAO: Abertillery... 24/06/2011

We played a great show in Bristol a couple of nights ago with Run From Robot and Room For One More at The Croft. It was only when we arrived at the venue that i discovered i'd left my guitar and all my pedals back at home in Cardiff. I am completely useless. When i mentioned this to Guy (the show promoter, real nice dude) and the other bands, they immediately stepped up the plate and offered a guitar, leads and whatever else i needed. No questions. No fuss. THAT, Abertillery, is what being in a band is all about. Helping out your fellow bands on the night, being supportive, being selfless. We had a blast, playing and watching the other bands, who were awesome players and fellows to boot. Thanks to Guy for asking us to play, and thanks again to the aforementioned bands for being generally fucking awesome.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Undertone Basement - 07/06/2011

We'll be road testing some new songs from the second record at the Underton Basement (which is underneath 10 Feet Tall, in Cardiff) THIS SUNDAY, along with Hell Money (, Arron Rees, Liz Wreck and Olive Anne. Our friend Leigh is putting the show on, and we can't wait to play it.

Sunday 12th June.
The Undertone Basement
(which is underneath 10ft Tall)
£4 at 20:00 on the door.