Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cardiff Show Next Tuesday - 14/12/2011


Tuesday 20th December 2011 @ The Undertone (beneath Ten Feet Tall), Cardiff. Doors @ 8pm. Not sure what the damage is on the door, but knowing Tom it's probably no more than a couple of quid.

We'll be playing no less than NINE new songs at this show, last show of the year no less, can't wait.

Needle Drop Radio (US) play Histrionics - 14/12/2011

Big thanks for Needle Drop Radio (US) for playing the title track from our forthcoming record a couple of weeks ago! Again, will upload said link when i get a chance. Alternatively, you could let google do all the work, we're the first track played on Episode #64. I can't copy and paste text from this computer, pain in the arse.

Drug Money played on the Adam Walton show - 14/12/2011

Thanks to Adam Walton for playing Drug Money on his show last Sunday. Will copy and paste the link on here when i get a chance to finally log on to my laptop at home. Adam's twitter suggested that the track 'nearly broke' the studio speakers. Re-sult!