Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Download 'Drug Money (Live Demo)' for FREE - 24/08/2011

Hope you enjoy, thanks again to Chris Morgan.


The Face To Face show has been moved to Clwb Ifor Bach. I don't know why, but it just has. All original tickets showing 'The Globe' will be valid, and the price of entry remains £12. Next (Bank Holiday) Monday 29th August. Be there!

Friday, 19 August 2011

Saturday 3rd September @ Buffalo Bar, Cardiff... - 19/08/2011


4:30pm doors - 10pm curfew. £5 in. John Greenwood is putting this show, so if you won't come for us then at least pop down for John's sake, he's the nicest man you'll ever meet and we don't want him losing any money on this.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Drug Money / "with fiery arseholes?" - 15/08/2011

On Saturday we picked up the ten initial mixes of the live demos we did with Chris, and they sound great. Some certainly need a lot more work and re-evalution than others, but on the whole, the sessions have proved totally worthwhile and we're now even more prepared for next months 'proper' studio shenanigans. All ten songs are brimming with potential and it's a real shame we didn't have enough time to track the other two new songs as i would have liked the 'full set'. Big thanks again to Chris for all his time, patience, effort and input. He's our unofficial 'fifth member' - our svengali in the wings, if you like.

We have decided to put one of the demos online, availible for free download via bandcamp or soundcloud, or basically wherever Robin thinks it would be best to put it. He's definitely 'the man' when it comes to these thing. That song will be Drug Money. Chris is having another little bash at the mix again and will send us a 'final' version by Thursday, upon reciept we will get it online as soon as we can. Out of all the demos, Drug Money is the one that needs the least amount of re-touching and reparation work, hence why it was chosen out of the ten. It sounds fucking mad, too. The song itself an interpretation of the Second Coming, with the newly re-birthed Christ ultimately going on to become a scorned, bitter junkie and a failed suicide bomber.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hunger Artist - 11/08/2011

Our old bass player, Kai, has started a new band called Hunger Artist. They sound fucking great and you can download their first recordings for free via this link:

Monday, 8 August 2011

Perfect Ten? - 08/08/2011

We recently completed live demoing with Chris Morgan and i'm happy to announce that ten brand new tracks were successfully committed to tape. It should really have been eleven, but the track 'Histrionics' had a few guitar and drum issues we didn't notice when tracking initially, but by the time it came to overdubbing a couple of the vocals it was pretty obvious that a few things weren't exactly right. It's totally cool though, the song is absolutely salvageable, i personally think we just need to write a totally new arrangement for the verses. The chorus is gonna be one of the very, very 'biggest' on the record, so none of us are prepared to drop it like a stone just because of a relatively minor hitch rearing it's head in pre-production.

We also didn't have time to track a brand new song we're all incredibly stoked about that was written just last week. It's a super fast, super traditional punk rock song, built around a riff that i've been trying and toiling with for the better part of a year to write something around. It currently sounds like tearing Smoke Or Fire (circa 'This Sinking Ship') to these ears, but when i get some lyrics and melodies in place i'm sure it'll sound more like 'us' by the time we have to record the album. Which brings me rather neatly onto my next point...

We are booked in with Todd Campbell from the 7th to the 15th of September to lay down album #2. Can't fucking wait.

As it stands, we will be taking twelve songs into the session, but i have absolutely no idea how many will end up on the record and how many (if any at all) will end up as b-sides or comp tracks. In an ideal world i'd like all twelve on there, our first record only had nine tracks so i personally think we're due a considerably longer one this time round!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Face To Face / The Globe - 05/08/2011

Due to the sudden and unexpected closure of The Globe venue, some people are understandably a bit confused as to whether or not the Face To Face show will be going ahead as planned later on this month.

We've just had it on supremely good authority that the show WILL be going ahead, on the same date (Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 2011) with the same line-up (Face To Face, The Computers, Solutions)... at The Globe. Apparently the show will happen on the very same day that the venue will be 'officially' re-opening under new ownership.

So yeah. Tickets are £12 and i'd imagine that you'll be okay to pay on the door.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Punk Globe - 02/08/2011

Thanks Lisa @ Punk Globe for the kind words...