Sunday, 22 April 2012

Harmony In The Heart Of A Hurricane (Edit) & Whatever Keeps You Alive (Alive) - 22/04/2012

We put up both Harmony In The Heart Of A Hurricane and Whatever Keeps You Alive, two tracks from Histrionics, on our Reverb Nation page a couple of weeks back.

Exit_Solutions. - 22/04/2012

Big thanks to Exit_International and Beasts, Sam and everyone else at Le Pub for a great show last night. We haven't played Le Pub for ages and the atmosphere and turn out last night really reminded me of some of the great shows i used to watch there years ago, Milloy, Leatherface et al.

It was our first show in over four months! We had to take a bit of an unexpected break for a while, but i'm happy to say that we're now good to go, and look forward to getting out as much as possible, to places we haven't been for a while and as well as some untapped new ground.

With regards to Histrionics, come hell or high water, we'll know in a couple of weeks whether or not it's being brought out by one of a couple of labels that have shown a modicum of interest, or we may just decide to bring it out ourselves. Personally, i think we're better off going for the latter option, that way you're not hanging around for anyone else, the stuff can be out there, and we can move on to the next thing. But we'll see, i'm determined that the issue is settled and a decision is made sometime next month.