Sunday, 17 February 2013



A number of months ago we found ourselves at the centre of an internet shitstorm during which time individual members of the band were labelled as racist, among other wonderfully stupid and obviously false things. Unfortunately threats of violence were also made against us from people who are old enough to really know better. In the interest of letting the situation die the quick death it deserved a decision was made to pull out of a local gig and also halt an impending digital release of Histrionics, our second full length album.

I'm loathed to comment on the entire episode itself; the 'storm' has passed and i've no interest in picking apart the whys and wherefores, or directly addressing any one of the obscene and disturbing 'facts' that are actually anything but. Their campaign is driven by people who actively enjoy taking part in anonymous, faceless campaigns of hate and squalid hearsay, all of course behind the security of a computer screen, they don't deserve any further time, effort or thought wasted on them.

Since the incident we have all subsequently talked to or crossed paths with all the people we love, respect and care about, every single one of whom offering nothing but support. If a misguided hate campaign is what it takes for you to see just how much love and support is readily available to you from family, friends, acquaintances, to outright strangers, then so be it. Life is bizarre sometimes, but that's what keeps you on your toes i guess.

Thank you to absolutely everyone who offered support, either publicly on a forum, social networking site, at a gig, or privately with any one of us at the time. You know who you are.

It's for those people and anyone who has ever expressed an interest in our band, bought a t-shirt, downloaded or bought a record, come to see us live or ever put us on that we'd like to offer our not-in-any-way-new, but definitely previously unreleased second album, Histrionics, as a free download via the below link:

We hope you enjoy it. We loved making it (nearly two years ago) and we still love the songs now. We hope to be out and about playing them to you again in the not too distant future.

Cheers, Solutions.


1) House Of America
2) Blank Cities
3) Harmony In The Heart Of A Hurricane
4) Drug Money
5) Whatever Keeps You Alive
6) Histrionics
7) An Extended History Of The Bullfight
8) Gorgeous Horses
9) Penance For Raped Angels
10 ) Lake Palmer
11) New Adventures In Wi-Fi

'Nasty Punks, Fuck Off.'