Thursday, 22 September 2011

Drug Money Free Download (Reminder) - 22/09/2011

The 'Drug Money' (Live Demo) is still available to download for free HERE.

The verse lyrics for the demo are almost entirely different from the album version we recorded the other week, but you'll still be able to get the general idea.

Spent a small fortune on a Blackstar HT Duel Valve Pedal earlier today, with the express intention of bringing a bit more 'beef' to the live shows, here's to hoping it's worth the considerable dent to the wallet.

I'm gonna get Robin to take the free download offline in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to grab it while you can.

Can't Get There From Here - 22/09/2011

Adios R.E.M and thanks for all the incredible records accross your thirty one years, not least the first four albums which to my mind are each perfect and utterly seminal. I'd estimate less than 1% of all the bands i've ever loved have managed to make one perfect record in their time, to knock out four in the space of as many years, plus arguably one or two further classics after that is just mind-blowing. The quintessential indie rock band. I fear they won't ever make them like R.E.M any more.

Here are my very favourite R.E.M tracks, just for the hell of it:

1) Laughing
2) Green Grow The Rushes
3) Driver 8
4) Talk About The Passion
5) I Believe
6) You Are The Everything
7) Radio Free Europe
8) Daysleeper
9) Life And How To Live It
10) Man On The Moon
11) Catapult
12) Pretty Pursuasion
13) Nightswimming
14) Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)
15) Harbourcoat
16) Just A Touch
17) Half A World Away
18) The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight
19) Try Not To Breathe
20) Perfect Circle

Monday, 19 September 2011

Histrionics - 19/09/2011

All tracking has now been completed for our second record, Histrionics.

Todd, as ever, played a blinder on the engineering front and brought some great and expertise input into proceedings. Rhys Pierce is also the funniest guy you could ever wish to be in the studio with.

Aside from myself being rotten ill for the first couple of days, everything went swimmingly. Todd played back an initial rough mix of the songs on the last day, and what struck me was how much more rounded and considered a record this is in comparison with Before The Roars and the Goodtime Boys split. I could talk/type all day about the songs, but i'm gonna hang fire until we get the mixes back.

Here is the final track-listing for anyone interested:

1) House Of America
2) Blank Cities
3) Harmony In The Heart Of A Hurricane
4) Drug Money
5) Whatever Keeps You Alive
6) Histrionics
7) Penance For Raped Angels
8) Gorgeous Horses
9) An Extended History Of The Bullfight
10) Lake Palmer
11) New Adventures In Wi-Fi

Sometime next month we have to shoot a video for what will ultimately be the 'first single' i guess. Will be an incredibly tough call as there are currently about six really strong candidates! Think we're gonna need to farm some of the mixes out to a few loved ones and trusted aquaintances and go with the favourite.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Condolences... - 16/09/2011

Our condolences go out to the families and friends of the four miners who lost their lives at the Gleision Colliery earlier today...

Monday, 5 September 2011

Merch! - 05/09/2011

The First Two Years CD (seventeen track compilation of everything we recorded between 2009 to *mid* 2011) - £5
The First Two Years T-Shirt (white t-shirt with the album cover, availible in YL, S, M & L) - £5
Before The Roars CD (super limited copy of our self-released debut record!) - £5
Solutions / Goodtime Boys Split CDEP (super limited copy of our split EP with the outstanding Goodtime Boys) - £5

All availible to buy from the merch stand at future shows. The t-shirts are suddenly selling rather well, so get involved soon or miss out! We will never duplicate a t-shirt designs, so once these are gone, they're gone.

If you wanna buy direct from us online, then message or and we'll sort something out.

Life Becoming A Landslide - 05/09/2011

Thank you to Greg and Jon for the two local gigs last week. We had a complete blast at each. Rhys and Eddie got to fulfil a lifelong ambition of playing alongside Face To Face and we ALL had our mind blown when the Manic Street Preachers own James Dean Bradfield showed up at our set in Buffalo Bar! I met him for the first time a couple months back, chatted about nothing and everything (which was pretty crazy in itself for me, as i've worshipped this man and his band since i was about twelve) and gave him a CD of ours to check out, then kinda forgot about it. Next thing you know Rhi is whispering into my ear "erm, James Dean Bradfield is here..." just as we're setting up to go. I dispersed the news to the boys as nonchalantly and cooly as i could manage (i.e. not very cool at all, very nervously) and before long we were...kicking into Lake Palmer with a kind of buzzing, nervous intensity i haven't felt on stage for a very long time.

After the show we chatted about all things musical and he was kind enough to not only give me some advice on the pedals i was using at the show ("shit... shit... aaaahhhhh i can get you a better one than that..... good... reeeeeally good... okay but i can get you a better one of those too"), but he also took my number as he wants to hook me up with some better ones! Mad.

So yeah, two great local shows on the bounce means we're absolutely raring to start recording on Wednesday. I'm still touching up a few lyrics here and there, but nothing i can't handle (touch wood!).

Also, as per the last blog, Drug Money (Live Demo) can still be downloaded for free via the same link.