Friday, 25 November 2011

Free Local Show - 25/11/2011


@ The Full Moon (opposite Clwb Ifor Bach) on Saturday 22nd January 2012. Free entry.

Really, really excited for this show! It'll be our first show in what will hopefully be a very, very busy year gig wise. Cheers to Jon Greenwood for sorting this out.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Histrionics has been mastered - 22/11/2011

After more than two months of tracking and wrestling around with the mix, we were finally presented with the Master copy of Histrionics, our second record and first with the new line-up, on Sunday afternoon. I'm pleased to say everything sounds great, from start to finish. Promos are due to be sent out to the usual suspects and more in the next couple of weeks, once we've got an idea of our options for the record, we'll look at getting it released both physically and digitally as soon as possible. Thanks again to Todd for all his hard work and patience.

Expect to see a track from the record surface online before the New Year.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Pulp TV / Scuzz TV 'Secret Show' with Madina Lake - 14/11/2011

Last Friday we played a 'secret' acoustic show with Madina Lake for Pulp TV / Scuzz TV. We'd known about it for the better part of two weeks but had been sworn to secrecy(!) as Madina Lake were due to play a show on the same night at the Cardiff University. To much stress, sweating and (eventual) nervous amusement, we only found out that the show was an acoustic and an not electric, full-band affair less than ten hours (i.e. on the previous night) before the performance. We'd never, ever previously practiced an acoustic set before. We basically cobbled ourselves together at 9am the following morning (our set was due t be filmed at 11:30am) and decided on four songs we could feasibly (re-)learn(?) and nail with around two hours practice. As it happens, we ultimately only recorded two, Histrionics and Fighting Tigers, the former sounding a little bit ropey but the latter coming out just great. Performances of one or both of the songs will be shown in Pulp stores accross the UK as of next year, as well appear on a 'Pulp TV' episode on the cable channel Scuzz TV.

Gigantic thanks to all who helped out on the day, not least my old man for lending me an acoustic guitar (cheers dad!), Jimmy from Future Of The Left for lending us the other acoustic guitar (cheers Jimmy!), all the crew on the set for being generally lovely and not least Sammy T for hooking the whole thing up in the first place.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Show next Monday @ Clwb Ifor Bach - 03/11/2011

We're playing with Arcane Roots @ Clwb Ifor Bach next Monday evening. £6 on the door. Show starts @ 7:30pm. Be good to see some familiar faces.

BBC Radio One - 03/11/11

The title-track from our upcoming second record was debuted on BBC Radio One on Sunday night by our mate Jen Long. Nice one Jen!

Here's a link to the show (we're played around 55 minutes in):


Also, we will be wrapping up production on the record next Wednesday evening. A few minor adjustments need to be made to the opening track, House Of America, and after that we're good to roll out a limited pressing of four-track album promo's to be sent to all the usual suspects and more. The run of promo's will be funded by the good folks at TUBORG ( which we're over the moon about. Massive thanks to Nick Davidson and co. at The Promised Land ( for sorting that sweet little hook-up out for us.